Gift Ideas

Box Sets

Aspen Leaf Espresso Box SetOur Box Sets make wonderful gifts!
Perfect for Coffee, Tea or even Hot Cocoa!

French Butter Keepers

Mini PetroglyphLooking for something a bit more unique than your average gift?
These French Butter Keepers make great functional unique gifts!

Chip And Dip

Mountain SceneWant to offer more than one type of dipping sauce?

Take a look at our un-attached Chip and Dips. These are wonderful for variety!

Face Mugs!801H

Like having a mug for all moods?

Take a look at our various Face Mugs!

Colour Coordinate

Colour Coordinate your entire house! Our wide variety of products allows you to add a touch of Azul throughout!

From Place Settings to Home Accessories we've got it all!

Always Azul does not offer refunds on purchased merchandise. We do offer an in-store credit.